I’m not one for making resolutions, rather at the start of each year I like to think of things I am looking forward too and hope to achieve during the year. Much less pressure.
So without any ado in 2014 I am looking forward to:

  • The digitisation of the Scone Advocate and Wellington Times on Trove.
  • Chris Paton & Thomas MacEntee downunder, I’ve booked in for Sydney
  • Meeting some imaginary friends at the above
  • My new research laptop finally arriving (Hurry up Kogan!)
  • Spending time out of the house and in libraries and archives
  • Working on my Masters (but first defining a topic for it)
  • More GeniAus Hangouts
  • Participating in Julie Goucher‘s WorldwideGenealogy project
  • DrBen (my other half) finally taking some time off work and having an actual holiday (yes I can hear all of you who know him laughing yourselves silly)
  • Making time to work on the transcriptions I volunteered to do for the Biographical Database of Australia
 I am hoping:
  • To perhaps come to some conclusion regarding John Phillip Gail
  • and John Green
  • To trace my tree outside Australia. I’ve followed all my lines to arrival, so it is time to step off these shores.
  • To bring a little more order to the chaos that is my office/sewing room
  • To find more family photos and record more stories
  • To be more active. I’ve become a little too sedentary since I broke my arms (yes both of them) at the start of 2012. 
  • To start knitting again now that my arms are on the mend.
  • To spin the yarn for and knit a Hap shawl. According to the 1861 Scottish Census some of my female forebears were Shetland Knitters, I’d like to do something to honour that. 
  • To read more non-fiction, I’ve fallen out of the habit.
  • To write more! Again I have fallen out of the habit.
  • To enjoy the journey 🙂
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