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I used to be a somewhat active researcher, in genealogy and in the history of education, but burnt out from academia I put aside my PhD and all other historical stuff and started on a Master of Information Services (Archives and Records) which I do love and am enjoying immensely. But I did miss the historical stuff. The interesting tidbits about life as well as the historiography. I do so adore historical theory. Yet still, there wasn’t really an impetus to take it up again. Until I was given a little push.

See, in the last two weeks of September I was on practicum placement in a Library Service. It was wonderful from an Information Services point of view but also as a researcher. You see, the library service I was with has two very passionate research librarians and as part of my program I spent time with them,  attended (and helped with) two of their organised talks. One of these was a presentation with the lovely Emma Kelly of findmypast.com.au and the other was on Social Media and the Family Historian by someone I had been twitter friends for a significant amount of time, the delightful Jill Ball aka Geniaus.

Both of these talks reminded me how much I enjoyed researching (South Australian indexes now available on findmypast you say? Sign me up!) and missed sharing with history-minded people. It didn’t take much to send me back into the arms of BDM indexes and Trove. And within moments I found something new. Something I didn’t know. And I got that happy ‘new thing excitement’ that only people who love researching know. A very heady experience.

So really it didn’t take much of a push to make me leap head first into the abyss. I’m rather happy here 🙂

P.S. the something ‘new’ will of course be the subject of a blog post, but right now I’d better go finish an Information Services Management assignment

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