Amanuesis Monday: In Loving Remembrance of Eliza Muffett

As a codicil to the post Burial in the Bush, I offer the poem written by M.L.M in remembrance of the departed Eliza.

“Advertising.” Goulburn Herald (NSW : 1881 – 1907) 11 Dec 1886: 5. Web. 14 Oct 2013 <>
In Loving Remembrance
Who departed this Life on November 9th 1886;
Aged 27 years and 11 months,
A life of suffering she bore
From infancy till death,
But now she is set free from all
A home in heaven she hath,
Through all those many years of pain
Her loving parents o’er kept
A watchful eye, when she awoke
And also when she slept.
It would be very wrong to grieve,
To wish to have her here again,
For now we know she’s safe above,
Where sorrow is unknown.
And when our life on earth is done,
 We hope to meet her there,
And with the angels praises sing –
In that bright land no partings are.

November 17th.                                                          M. L. M.
The M.L.M responsible for the poem could be her niece Mary Louisa Muffet or perhaps one of the related Middleton’s.
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