GEDCOM vs XML: Or Should I try out GRAMPS?

Was the topic of last nights “I can’t get to sleep and my brain insists on being ridiculously chatty even though I am really tired” ramble. So I was pleased that when I googled it this morning bunches of articles came up.

Since I’m studying for my Masters in Archives & Records, XML is something I’ve come to be pretty fond of and honestly GEDCOM has always seemed unnecessarily complicated and inflexible. Is it enough however to convince me to change genie software? 
At the moment I switch between TMG and Family Historian, TMG for my ‘serious’ research stuff and Family Historian for when I am showing non-technical, non-historians my research. Cause it’s prettier. TMG is for me, by far the better program. But I haven’t tried GRAMPS and the open source nature of it does appeal being in general easier to migrate and preserve over a longer period of time than proprietary software. I mean who doesn’t have inaccessible files sitting around because they no longer are supported by software or hardware and you can’t find an emulator? My poor original PAF files will soon fall into this category *sniff*

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