“Grandpa doesn’t really look like his dad”

On the train home from work tonight I checked my email and was happy to see that the NAA had finally completed digitisation of the Naturalisation papers I requested. When I got in I immediately fed the cat (I value my life too much to not feed her straight away) and then grabbed my laptop. 

Happy became grinning stupidly. Then ringing my mother at quarter to nine at night to inform her that grandpa doesn’t really look like her grandpa. Which she knew. But anyway. A nice chat later I’ve hung up and looked at my grandpa (her dad’s) papers. 
Yep. Back on the phone.
“Grandpa’s mum’s name is Francesca Josephina and she was Maltese” 
Sometimes, it is the little things that make you ridiculously happy. Like working out your Mum was kind of named for her grandmother 🙂

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