John Green: Candidate #1

The search for the elusive John Green continues. Following from Anne Young‘s guidance and advice, I’ve been chasing convict John Green’s. There are a just a few listed in the State Records Convict index. [Do I get an award for understatement?] 

Given that Thomas, a likely son of John was born in 1825 in England any John Green’s transported between 1824-33 when the family made their way out became a likely suspect. 11 suitable candidates were identified. After dismissing those who were way to young, married to other people or Irish, 3 were left.

The John Green born in 1786, tried in Gloucester and sent out in 1826 on the England seemed a good match. But turns out he was a bit of a gaol bird over here as well and as such was pretty traceable in his exploits around the Hunter Valley. On to the maybe but not likely list he goes. 2 left.

Introducing Candidate #1 :

John Green #1 was born in Bedfordshire c. 1791. Married with 2 Girls and 2 boys and working as a farmservant/groom he was convicted with 3 others in Buckinghamshire for sheep stealing. Thus earning a one way trip on the Camden at his majesty’s pleasure. In 1841 he writes to the Governor from his assignment at Goulburn and is granted a ticket of leave. What he wrote and whether it links him to any of our known individuals will be explored in a special episode, “The Colonial Secretary’s Correspondence: Blindness by Microfilm.” Remember to tune in next time for Candidate #2!

  1. Hi Sharon. I notice in your notes a "Ann Green" and a marriage. Do you have any further details on her. My wife is reputed to have an Ann Green in her heritage. I have not yet tried to establish the accuracy of it.
    Ann b 1793 was the daughter of James, and married a John Pittock.

    John Sparrow

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