The Charlemagne Factor part deux, Or dude I am totally Royal

I’ve posted about this before but another couple of hours following published family trees of the Royal and famous has turned up another gem. Robert the Bruce is not only my 22nd Great Grandfather x 2, but he is also my 23rd Great Grandfather.

It goes like this:

  1. Me,
  2. My Mother,
  3. Her Mother,
  4. VM Tulloch, daughter of
  5. LW Tulloch, son of
  6. LT Tulloch, son of
  7. John Tulloch, son of
  8. Ann Elizabeth Sutherland, daughter of
  9. Anderina Jamieson, daughter of
  10. Ann Tarrell Fordyce, daughter of
  11. Andrew Fordyce, son of
  12. Hugh Fordyce, son of
  13. Andrew Fordyce, son of
  14. Alexander Fordyce, son of
  15. Margaret Bruce, daughter of
  16. Elizabeth Gray, daughter of
  17. Marion Ogilvy, daughter of
  18. Helen Sinclair, daughter of
  19. Henry Sinclair, son of
  20. William Sinclair, son of
  21. Elizabeth Douglas, daughter of
  22. Margaret Stewart, daughter of 
  23. Robert III of Scotland, son of
  24. Robert II of Scotland, son of
  25. Majorie Bruce, daughter of
  26. King Robert I of Scotland (Robert the Bruce)
So the point of pedigree collapse between these two paths is Margaret Bruce who traces back to Robert the Bruce through both her mother and father, to a daughter by his first wife and a daughter by his second.
So dude. I am TOTALLY Royal!
But then, if you are of western extraction so are you. The internet is full of handy dandy charts and people with better maths skills than me, and as you can see by the time you are talking 22nd Great Grandparents you potentially have over 16 million of them. But most people’s pedigrees begin to collapse around 10 generations back, because let’s face it the marriageable pool for our ancestors was pretty small given ideas of race, class and low levels of human migration. So everyone currently alive on this planet is at least 50th cousins or something and your tree isn’t so much of a tree shape… 

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