Trove Tuesday: Western Australian Newspapers, or Trove makes an appearance in my uni work

I have been rather remiss of late when it comes to Trove Tuesday and blog posting in general as my own research has been sidelined in favour of uni assignments and research tasks for others, but today’s task has reminded me once again of the many ways in which I utilise Trove for things outside family history.

Today I am creating content and resources for a website that forms an assessable component of CSG4112. As part of a group I have been working on creating an e-learning website on the study Western Australian History (the website could have been on any e-learning type activity, our group just ended up being a bunch of history nerds and as the only non-Sandgroper I was outvoted when it came to the specific focus) so not only have I been learning a lot about Western Australian history, I have been researching and writing articles on available resources, and Trove cannot be overlooked.

I think when I am done with the article on Western Australian Newspapers available via Trove, I may have to write about the image search, there are some fabulous vintage travel posters.

You can find all the #TroveTuesday posts over at Branches, Leaves & Pollen or search the hashtag on twitter 

Or you know, if any of you has written anything on Western Australian history of any kind and wouldn’t mind being a contributor (with full acknowledgements of course)…

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