The Curse of Common Names

I am trying to pin down my 4th great grandparents, Mary Clifford and John Green. They are ongoing vexations and I’ve written a little about my searches previously.  Right now I am trying to track down Mary’s death which I am assuming occurs sometime after her arrival in the colony in 1833 and John’s death in 1868.

Thirty-nine Mary Green’s died in the colony between those years. Some can be immediately crossed out given their age listings but that still leaves a lot of Mary’s to seek out and discount. She’s not listed in the family bible, on John’s death certificate or Louisa’s marriage certificate. I’m waiting on Louisa’s death certificate and trying to track down the death of the other daughter Ann. Their son Thomas died in Tassie as a convict so he is no help in this instance. This may take awhile.

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