You look like your mother

Although I haven’t been posting my responses online, I have been playing along with Julie Goucher’s Book of Me, Written by You this week’s prompt asked us to describe our physical self and this got me thinking about family resemblances.

It’s something that I have thought about before – especially when using the face recognition tools in Picasa as it struggles to work out who is who – so I thought I’d post some family photos to see what you all think. Are the resemblances that family and friends comment on noticeable to virtual strangers?

I look like my Mum who looks like her Dad.

Me at 26
Mum at 16
So can you pick my Grandfather out of this photo from the National Archives?
Grandpa & Mum on her Wedding Day

Grandpa’s genes are pretty dominant

Two of My Cousins at the elder’s graduation

My nose may also be the fault of my father’s genes, specifically his paternal grandmother

My Great Grandma Rebecca Sinclair
Noses are a matter of serious discussion in our family. I happen to think both My Dad and my (half) brothers noses are worse than mine and they can’t blame my Grandfather for that. 
Dad, earlier this year

Brother #3 earlier this year
Brother #1’s nose is worse but I can’t find a photo of that ski jump that isn’t 25 years old.

Brother #2 is looking more and more like our Grandfather the older he gets

Pop & Brother #2
No, not that Grandfather (although there is some resemblance happening), this one:
Grandfather Walter
So there you have it, some of the family resemblances that people comment on. I have also been told I look like my brothers and like a step-cousin that I’m not genetically related to at all, and Mum has been told Brother #1 looks like her where again, there is no genetic relationship. It is a funny thing the similarities that the human eye picks out. 
What do you think? Can you tell we are related?

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