Still alive, honest.

I’ve just been a little busy what with my new job and all.

Yes that’s right, I started a new job at the end of March working for a transcription company who does court reporting etc, and I love it. Generally it is only a part time role but there was a big project I was assigned to so for five weeks I left home at 7:30 in the morning and got home at 8:30 at night completely exhausted. Weekends I slept, or this last weekend, threw myself head first in to getting the project done by Monday as it was due on the 1st.

What has this got to do with genealogy, history or research you ask? Well it has had some flow on effects:

  1. Disposable income. I’ve ordered my AncestryDNA kit and have been splashing out on BDM transcriptions. I’ve also brought a lot of books because, well I like books. 
  2. A renewed interest in legal proceedings and associated records. Perfect timing considering the release of all those juicy criminal records on FindMyPast this month. I’m learning a lot of legal terms and also where to find legal information in my job so it is certainly useful when it comes to dealing with those convict cousins.
  3. Being back to part time means yes, I have enrolled in UTas’s free Introduction to Family History unit. Given my BA(Hons) in history I doubt I will do the full Associate Degree in Arts as it is a bit redundant but I never can resist further study.
SO basically I hope to have lots of new and interesting discoveries to share in the coming months.

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